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A wee request

In the last six months or so, we’ve received a number of requests to publish guest posts on this blog from people who are strangers to us. At first, I assumed the messages were spam, and just ignored them. However, over the last couple of months the volume has increased considerably and it’s become clear […]

Blog Wars Redux

Crikey have decided to monetize the various lefty groups that dine out on attacking Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt. First there was Boltwatch, then the Blair/Bolt Watch Project. Now there’s Crikey’s ‘Pure Poison‘. ‘Boltwatch’ originally belonged solely to Jeremy Sear (of Anonymous Lefty fame), but the Blair/Bolt Watch Project was a collaborative effort, recruiting the […]

On being deserted by the Explanation Fairy ™

One of the things I’ve always strived for when I write is clarity.  Most of the time in my writing career, I’ve been successful in achieving this clarity, and people haven’t had to come back to me with queries like ‘what does this mean?’ and ‘please explain’. Other faults — my disagreeable politics, my abysmal taste, […]